Bluish-Green Productions
Based in Toronto, ON. Canada

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26 March, 2018 - 1.0
30 January, 2018 - Early Access: 0.4



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Protect your planet from alien invaders in this unique RTS experience. Freely reposition Satellites and manually dictate their targets. Manage your Energy reserves to send Satellites into orbit or unleash Planetary Powers.


  • Campaign Mode: 5 Planets, 5 levels each!
  • 3 Challenge Levels: Put your tactical satellite skills to the test! Each level features a unique challenge which puts a spin on the Orbit formula.
  • Perfection is possible: Each Campaign & Challenge level features a unique (non-random) sequence of aliens which assault your planet, and a unique set of available Satellites with which to fight them off. By learning the sequence in which enemies attack, it is possible to defend against enemies in an optimal manner and get a 3 Star Rating.
  • 4 Endless Modes: Go for the high-score as you fend off an infinite swarm of aliens. These modes auto-save after each wave you complete, so you never lose your progress.
  • Steam Leaderboards: Compare your Campaign, Challenge, and Endless score totals against players from around the World
  • Unique Satellites + Enemies: Every Satellite has it's role, every enemy has its weakness. No single Satellite or enemy is just a stronger version of another; this is a game about strategy, not brute-force one-upmanship.
  • Dynamic Difficulty: The better you get at the game, the more the Spawner Systems will challenge you. Replaying Campaign levels will get more difficult the better you get at them.
  • Designed for Desktop: Optimized for Mouse/Keyboard; Orbit: Satellite Defense has shed it's mobile past. Features Keyboard shortcuts for all on-screen buttons. Manual Targeting has been assigned to Right-Mouse button to eliminate the Satellite pop-up Menu, streamlining the overall gameplay experience.



Orbit: Satellite Defense is based off a Game-Jam game by Ari Lotter called "s0lar". When the concept won top-prize in the Jam it was created for, Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky approached Ari about the idea of developing the game for an iOS Mobile release.

BGP Orbit

Orbit was originally released for iOS and Android, and received a 4.5 / 5 Star Rating on the iOS App Store. The original build is no longer compatible with the latest Mobile operating systems, which is part of what prompted Attila to develop a new Desktop version of the game. Click below to view an archive of the original promotional material and images for the game:

Orbit: Satellite Defense

After the positive reception of BGP Orbit and a successful Steam Greenlight Campaign, Attila began a complete overhaul of the game for it's desktop release. The intention was the game should not feel like a Mobile-port; hence the assignment of Manual Targeting to the right-mouse button. The game's tutorial was removed in favor of a prolonged Campaign Mode which introduced players to new features one at a time. After several other small tweaks, the game went live on Steam on 30 January, 2018.


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About Bluish-Green Productions

Bluish-Green Productions is a Toronto-based Indie developer. It’s just me, Attila “Gabriel” Branyiczky. For some projects, I’ve teamed up with others like the folks I mention in the Credits below.
— Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky

More information
More information about Bluish-Green Productions, our Logo & relevant media are available at the link below:

Orbit: Satellite Defense Credits


Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky
Game Designer, Programmer, Artist, Sound Effects

Ari Lotter

Aidan Fantinatto
Music - God Machines Ambient Mix