Bluish-Green Productions is a Toronto-based Indie developer. It's just me, Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky. For some projects, I've teamed up with others like the folks I mention in my Affiliates below.


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With co-host Mathew Falvai, Attila discusses games and game design on a weekly basis! Check out the podcast on iTunes. Certain podcast episodes also feature an Extended Thoughts article posted on Gamasutra and here on the site.


Bluish-Green Productions was the name I started attributing all my games to since 2005. I've been creating games with Game Maker as a hobby since 2002, but in 2012 that hobby became a profession with the release of my first game “Robo’s World: The Blulite Rocks“. I was a completely self-taught game designer until I read The Game Maker’s Companion (which I’d highly recommend to any aspiring GM users). Having used Game Maker for so long, I began writing my own tutorials and extensions for it, which I've released for free.

Upcoming Projects

  • Orbit: Satellite Defense: Protect your planet from alien invaders in this unique RTS experience. Freely reposition Satellites and manually dictate their targets. Manage your Energy reserves to send Satellites into orbit or unleash Planetary Powers.

  • Sapling Showdown: Set in a vibrant and colorful world, Sapling Showdown is an RPG full of exotic locations, curious characters, and dangerous foes to fight in a paper-mario style battle system.


Demo Reel 2018 YouTube


Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky and Ari Lotter at TO Jam #12

Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky and Ari Lotter at TO Jam #12


Ari Lotter

Freelance web designer and Indie game developer. He made my original site, then helped out with this Squarespace one! Did I mention he's a programming prodigy?
Ari's Website


The music in a couple of Bluish-Green Productions titles is provided by /RUN (SlashRun). Check out The Standard Model on Bandcamp