Protect your planet from alien invaders in this unique RTS experience

  • Reposition Satellites and Manually dictate their targets
  • Manage your Energy reserves to send Satellites into orbit or unleash Planetary Powers
  • Balance the Strengths of each unique Satellite against the weaknesses of aliens



Defend your Planet with a variety of unique Satellites, each with a special Manual Targeting ability! Click each image to find out more.


Taken from Orbit: Satellite Defense v0.4

Version History

+ v0.4.4 Changes

  • Significant restructure of the following levels to ensure they can be played to perfection
    • Level 2-2
    • Level 2-3
    • Level 3-2
    • Level 3-3
    • Level 3-4
    • Level 3-5
    • Level 4-1
    • Level 4-2
    • Level 4-3
    • Level 4-2
    • Level 4-5
  • Added Level Objectives: The following items are added to your Score upon completing a level
    • Surviving Satellites: The Energy cost of Satellites that made it from start to finish is added to your score
    • Planet HP: The Planet's HP is added to your score
    • Surplus Energy: In later levels, Energy you collect is added to your score
  • 3 Star Scoring System: Each Campaign level has Score thresholds for you to reach
  • Local Scores: Your high-score for each level is recoreded and displayed in the Campaign Menu
  • Added "Load Recent" option to Main Menu to quickly load the last game type / level you were playing
  • Reduced the length of time Game Saved & Game Loaded messages remain on-screen
  • v0.4.3 Hotfix: Fixed issue with new Score Screen

+ v0.4.2 Changes

  • Added Warp Mode:
    • Satellites can warp instantly between Slots, but have reduced range
    • Enemies move at 50% speed
  • New Score Screen: Fancier conclusion to beating a level
    • Added button to replay current level
    • Added button to move on to next level
    • Laid groundwork for Level Objectives
  • Menu buttons no longer glow when they cannot be selected (if another menu must be closed first)
  • Added tool-tips to non-Menu Buttons
  • Added Hotkeys to Manual:
    • "T" - Toggle Tooltip
    • "H" - Toggle Satellite Health indicators
    • "F4" - Toggle Fullscreen
  • Bug Fix: Satellites seem to have infinite range when a file is loaded
  • Bug Fix: Overshield percentage not displayed over the Planet's Health when the game begins

+ v0.4.1 Changes

  • The Solar Satellite can now Super-Charge the Magnetic Mine dealing 6 points of damage on detonation (up from 2)
  • Pressing "Back" when viewing a Main Menu Sub-menu will take you to the previous Menu instead of closing it
  • Campaign Planet previews & description now fade in and text is printed out
  • In Campaign: Changed Pause menu button to read "Restart Level" instead of "New Game"
  • Added Button in Campaign Pause Menu which lets you repeat the "Explanation"
  • Updated Pause Menu text

+ v0.4 Changes

  • Campaign Mode: 4 Planets, 5 levels each!
    • Satellite Manual Targeting Updates:
    • Missile Satellite: Multi-Target Ability
    • Laser Satellite: Damage Boost
    • Railgun Satellite: Range Boost
    • Solar Satellite: Boost Rate of Fire of other Satellites
    • Healer Satellite: Heal other Satellites
  • Magnetic Mine Satellite: Used to clear Space Junk and damage enemies
  • Planetary Powers:
    • Overshield: Protect your planet from all damage
    • Healing Wave: Restore all Satellites to full HP
    • Scanner Pulse: Anticipate incoming enemies
  • Enemy Re-balancing
  • Additional usability improvements for Mouse / Keyboard interface

BGP Orbit

Orbit was originally developed for Mobile but is no longer available for iOS or Android. The game, in its current iteration is optimized for play with Mouse / Keyboard. Below is an archive of the original promotional material and images for the game:

Experience Tower Defense Redefined. Orbit is a space-based TD game unlike anything you've seen in the genre before. You must protect your planet from incoming alien attacks by sending Satellites into orbit to fight them off. Features game-play infused with Real Time Strategy mechanics.

You can freely Move or Swap your Satellites around the planet and Manually Target Aliens with your Satellites to exploit their weaknesses. The entire experience is complemented by a dynamic difficulty curve which responds to your play style in real time to always keep you engaged. This is a game of skill and strategy, not luck or one-upmanship. The more you play, the better you get to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all the game’s unique Satellites and Aliens.