Immerse yourself in this open ended Megaman style 2D action platformer that puts you in command of Robo, a small but eager robot, out to save his homeworld from the planet ravaging Zarnok Fortress.

Explore the massive interconnected Fortress to sabotage the crucial systems that keep it operational. Your foe remains ever vigilant and seeks to repair each zone as you destroy it. You must be quick, efficient, and make full use of your abilities if you wish to take all zones offline and deal the finishing blow to cripple the Fortress beyond repair. 

  • Over 50 interconnected levels

  • 8 distinct Zones to explore

  • Each Zone you Sabotage affects the whole Fortress, like disabling the Engines to give yourself more time or taking out the Weapons Manufacturing to disable laser turret hazards.

  • Race against time: The Fortress will destroy your home planet if you are not fast enough. You do NOT get a game-over if your planet is destroyed, instead the game becomes a quest for revenge

  • Digital Environment: Risk-reward Fast travel minigame where you are at your most vulnerable but stand to save vital time

  • Fully Customizable Controls: Keyboard or Gamepad (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation Controller button images included)

  • Under Repair: Enemies seek to fix the areas of the Fortress you have destroyed and revive their fallen comrades

  • Alternate paths to appeal to both platforming masters and combat experts

  • Hidden paths to be discovered by the most dedicated players.

  • Adaptive AI: Scales in difficulty to provide the right level of challenge throughout the game

  • Reinforcements: Stay out of sight to prevent security doors from locking or having Workers call nearby Sentries to their aid

  • 6 Rank-based Enemies: Going for quality over quantity, each Zarnok Robot will provide a unique combat challenge

In a universe much like our own, the peaceful planet of Techtopia is threatened by a great evil. The Zarnok robots mean to use their mighty Fortress to strip the planet of its resources, leaving it barren and scarred. Techtopia's only hope is Robo, the acting guardian of the planet. Robo has stowed away on the Zarnok incursion ship that was sent to scout Techtopia for resources. Taking out the crew and piloting the ship back to the Zarnok Fortress is Robo’s best chance of not being shot down. 

Discover the sinister origin of the Zarnok robots and their planet-encircling Fortress by scouring the game world for Lore Terminals

  • 5 Difficulty Options: Beginner, Easy, Normal, Difficult and Hardcore across all 3 Game Modes:

  • Regular Game: The full Incursion Ship Zone

  • Challenge Mode: Extra difficult challenge unlocked by completing New Game

  • New Game Plus: Play through the game in reverse with cranked-up AI intelligence

  • Fully customizable Controls: Keyboard and Gamepad support, remap any action to any button

Clown Nebula's play-through of the Demo [Mild Language]

Crowd-Funding Campaign

Thanks to the generous support of 125 Backers, Robo's World: The Zarnok Fortress was successfully Kickstarted as of August 9th 2014. You can view the list of Backers here.