Robo's World: The Zarnok Fortress

V 1.1.0

  • New Settings Menu: Added the option to enable / disable Camera Shake and Hit Counters! Plus, all 3 options menus have been linked together into one efficient Settings Menu.
  • Improved efficiency of lower GFX levels. If you've encountered any issues running the game on older computers, this will help keep frame-rates consistent.
  • Digital Environment Guardian Update: The Guardian in the Digital Environment now behaves very differently! It can pass through walls at will as it savagely hunts the player down. This also greatly improves the efficiency of the Digital Environment as a whole, and should result in improved frame-rates on older machines.
  • Fortress Repair Adjustment: Sabotaged Zones only repair at a rate of 1 percent per room transition regardless of difficulty, dying now has the added penalty of restoring 1 percent to every sabotaged zone per level of difficulty. As a result, there is less of a penalty for simply traversing the Fortress but a much greater penalty for death, encouraging more tactical play on difficulty levels above Beginner.
  • Level Adjustments: Tweaks for level 1 and 2 of the Incursion Zone based on player feedback.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed a glitch involving the Airlock in B3, the Challenge Level not loading properly, and Totems not making a sound when punched.
  • Mapping Update: All unexplored levels now show up as faded versions of the room name instead of "?" making it easier to find your way around the Fortress.
  • Separate Leaderboards: The game now features Leaderboards not only for each mode, but for each possible difficulty of each mode for a total of 10 ranked lists.

V 1.0.3

While not the first version posted to Steam, this build saw a small fixes and was live until June 1st.


Robo's World 3: Zarnok Fortress


The original game that I was developing many years ago. I've begun development on the game in a brand new game file, with new art assets, music and programming! Still, you can get a feel for what I'm going for in this simple demo, featuring:

  • Sandbox Environment: 2 rooms which you can go back and forth between with plenty of enemies and samples of the challenges to come
  • Alternate difficulty settings: The physical layout of the game changes depending on which difficulty setting you pick!
  • Multiplayer: 2-player "mirror-match" multiplayer with 3 modes and 3 maps!
  • Robo's Ammo Scramble: Playable mini-game with 30 levels