Computer Programming Tutoring

I offer Computer Programming tutoring services using the Video-Game making program GameMaker. Using GameMaker to teach programming keeps students far more engaged than abstract programming classes. Rather than learning about how to make a text-input program which calculates the diameter of a pizza, students learn all the same skills and more through programming a computer game. The game they program provides a consistent, real-world example for them to see how programming skills are applied.

The course I have created combines a University programming class, a High-school programming class, and my own personal experience in creating games.


Gabriel has taught both of my children for several years and he has not only great expertise but a very comfortable and fun way to teach and guide children. When my son needed to do a coding related school project, I hired him privately to guide my son through the process. It project was extremely successful and the process was educational enjoyable for my son. I found his tutoring rates to be extremely good value, and I would recommend his services to anyone.
— Hilary Deveber
Gabriel has provided software tutoring to our boys for several years. From conceptualization to completion Gabriel has led software programming learning that has led to complete functional video games. Not only have our children learned the fundamentals of software programming in a systematic, logical framework but also have the satisfaction of completing their very own computer game.
— David F.

The Learning Journey

The tutoring course I provide includes the following school-related skills

My Background

  • Over 13 years of programming computer games
  • 11 years as an Instructor / Director at AfterFour (Children's Technology Camp)
  • Graduate of St. Michael's College School
  • University class in C++ Programming
  • 2 Certificates in C# programming:


  • 8 lesson Intro to Programming
    • Further lessons available covering advanced programming techniques!
    • Lessons are personalized for each student to ensure more time is spent on subjects where they need the most help
  • Lesson length: 1 - 2.5 hours (4 hour double-lessons available on weekends)
  • Lesson frequency: 1 / week or bi-weekly
  • Rate: $30 / hour
  • No Travel Necessary: All Lessons are conducted at your place of residence. I will bring any / all materials and necessary technology.

Lesson Plan

The following concepts are taught over the Intro to Programming class:

  • Code / Naming Conventions
  • Variables: Initialization, Scope
  • Relative Assignment
  • Game Object Manipulation
  • If / else statements
  • Logical Operators: And / Or
  • Functions (methods): Arguments
  • Drawing Images and Text
  • Keyboard / Mouse Input
  • Strings and Text Handling
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • And more!

Please get in touch if you would like any other information about the tutoring service: