Computer Programming Tutoring

I offer Computer Programming tutoring services using the Video-Game making program GameMaker. Using GameMaker to teach programming keeps students far more engaged than abstract programming classes. Rather than learning about how to make a text-input program which calculates the diameter of a pizza, students learn all the same skills and more through programming a computer game. The game they program provides a consistent, real-world example for them to see how programming skills are applied.

The course I have created combines a University programming class, a High-school programming class, and my own personal experience in creating games.


Gabriel has taught both of my children for several years and he has not only great expertise but a very comfortable and fun way to teach and guide children. When my son needed to do a coding related school project, I hired him privately to guide my son through the process. It project was extremely successful and the process was educational enjoyable for my son. I found his tutoring rates to be extremely good value, and I would recommend his services to anyone.
— Hilary Deveber

The Learning Journey

 The tutoring course I provide includes the following school-related skills

My Background

  • Over 13 years of programming computer games
  • 11 years as an Instructor / Director at AfterFour (Children's Technology Camp)
  • Graduate of St. Michael's College School
  • University class in C++ Programming
  • 2 Certificates in C# programming:


  • 8 lesson Intro to Programming
    • Further lessons available covering advanced programming techniques!
    • Lessons are personalized for each student to ensure more time is spent on subjects where they need the most help
  • Lesson length: 1 - 2.5 hours (4 hour double-lessons available on weekends)
  • Lesson frequency: 1 / week or bi-weekly
  • Rate: $30 / hour
  • No Travel Necessary: All Lessons are conducted at your place of residence. I will bring any / all materials and necessary technology.

Lesson Plan

The following concepts are taught over the Intro to Programming class:

  • Code / Naming Conventions
  • Variables: Initialization, Scope
  • Relative Assignment
  • Game Object Manipulation
  • If / else statements
  • Logical Operators: And / Or
  • Functions (methods): Arguments
  • Drawing Images and Text
  • Keyboard / Mouse Input
  • Strings and Text Handling
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • And more!

Please get in touch if you would like any other information about the tutoring service: