Gameology 15.5 - Pokemon GO

Show Notes:

Mathew and Attila jump on the Pokemon GO bandwagon and discuss the potential future of Nintendo games on smartphones.

Pokemon GO

Extended Thoughts

Despite the incredible success, I don't think Nintendo is going to jump ship any time soon and start putting any of their core games on smart-phones. Firstly, the majority of games in their back-catalog were designed with an interface which expects button input. Nintendo has standards too high to simply add virtual buttons onto a screen and call it a day. Add to that, most of their games are built with sit-down-and-play experiences in mind, not the sort of shorter time-span found in most popular smartphone games. If we're going to see further Nintendo software on non-Nintendo hardware, it's going to be more in the vein of Pokemon GO; games developed for that platform that serve as a gateway to their quality premium products.